My name is Chelsea and I am a junior at BHS, a high school in eastern Iowa. This blog originally started off as a marketing class project called “the race to 1,500”. We were told to create a blog and then we were to find ways to promote it, getting your blog 1,500 views in two weeks was the end goal. My teacher kept saying we needed to make it an experience, so I decided to perform random acts of kindness every day and then blog about it. I realized acts of kindness are unique and I would love to be a reason for someone else’s smile. I published my first blog at the end of January, so that night I posted the link to my Facebook page for my friends and family to see. Within 24 hours of posting that link my blog had received 600 page-views, it was not expected by anyone. Each day I received even more page views and by the end of the two weeks I had over 20,000 page-views from a handful of different countries. My class, my teacher, and I knew it would be wrong to just stop the project. People were looking at it and we were making a difference. My teacher, on the fly, changed the plan for the class. We were still going to learn what we needed to, but instead of moving on to another project we were going to work together on this blog. Our class, in my eyes, became like a little company of our own, a company that shared the kindness! I perform a random act as often as I can and on other days I share your stories that you send in. We are making a change together.


  1. Great Idea!! I am gonna post your site on my facebook page. All the best to you and everyone involved.

  2. Hi! I came across your blog as I am writing Digital Citizenship Curriculum for our School Board in Ottawa. We connect Digital Citizenship to the story of the Good Samaritan. I would like to link to your blog as an excellent model for Elementary students - how acts of kindness can make a difference in the world. I really love what you are doing!! Your blog is inspiring! Please send me an email if it is ok to link to you! - marcie.martel@ocsb.ca Thanks! Marcie Martel

  3. I really like the concept of your blog. My teacher is having us do the same class project, I know small world, and I am making mine to hopefully inspire others like you are doing.