Thursday, May 28, 2015

Free Tickets

Yesterday, my family attended a local minor league baseball game.  I had two extra tickets, so as we walked up to the stadium, I saw a Dad and his kid walking toward the ticket booth.  I told him that I had two extra tickets and handed them over.  I think the guy was a little shocked.  My kids and I love baseball, so it was cool to be able to give tickets to a guy who likely has the same bond with his kid.  I hope they enjoyed the game as much as we did!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Kona Ice and Some Awesome Teachers

"Each Friday during the summer, the Kona Ice truck stops by my kid's preschool/daycare and the kids get to pick out a shaved ice treat of their choice.  My five and three year olds were so excited this morning because "TODAY IS KONA ICE DAY!"  Each kid's parent needs to bring in $2 for the Kona Ice treat.  I meant to stop and get change so I would have the $2 for each of my kids, but in the rush of the morning, I forgot.  I told the teachers I didn't have the $2 today and said I could run and get change and be back.  But both of the teachers immediately offered to pay for my kids Kona Ice so that I wouldn't have to make a second trip back to the preschool.  I was so impressed with how quickly and matter-of-fact they were about offering to pay for the Kona Ice themselves.  My wife and I are lucky that our kids have such wonderful, kind, and caring teachers each day.  They truly love going to school and their teachers are the reason why.  Today was just another example of why these teachers are amazing!"

Monday, May 18, 2015

Balloons for Patients

What happens when you are in the hospital and your friends and family send so many balloons that the nurses have to cut you off due to fire code? You share, of course! Recently, one of our readers was told "no more balloons" during a recent hospital visit, so she decided to start redirecting balloons to other patients to make their day. You can just imagine the smiles on their faces as a nurse delivers this awesome random act of kindness!  Sometimes, we focus so much on our own needs that we fail to see the needs of others.  This person is a great example as she was having struggles of her own, but decided she could still make someone's day.  Great job, and we hope all the balloon recipients get well soon!!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Return to Sender

"A few weeks ago on a Friday, I stopped at a nearby UPS Store to mail a package.  I rushed in a couple minutes before the store closed...just in the nick of time.  The address for the package was on my phone, so I set it down to write the address on the label provided by one of the workers.  She began to chat with me as she entered the info into the computer.  Despite me arriving just before closing for the weekend, she and the other clerk was very kind and helpful.  In a few minutes, I was all set to go, thanked the women for their help, and was on my way.  I drove all the home only to notice I had left my phone at the store.  I knew that the store was closed and that my phone would likely be locked in the store for the whole weekend."

"Shortly after contemplating what to do, a car pulled into my driveway.  It was the woman from the UPS store!  She explained that she knew how important some people's phones are to them and she didn't want me to go the whole weekend without mine.  So, she checked the return label and drove my phone to my house once she closed the store.  I was so happy, not because my phone was returned, but that someone was kind enough to think about me enough to go out of her way on the weekend to make me happy.  It made my weekend!"

It just goes to show that going a few minutes out of your way can have a lasting impact on a person.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

A broken car and some help from Santa!

This Random Act of Kindness was shared with us a while back and is such a great example of people stepping up to help others in need!

"Years ago, when cell phones were only found in comic books, my husband and I were traveling to my parents with our two young children on a cold Christmas Eve. The streets were nearly empty, even on the Nation's Capitol beltway. We were taking the Braddok Road exit when our car suddenly decided to die. We were cold and alone and scared. After sitting a while, trying to figure out a plan, I looked up and my tired eyes saw a couple people with Santa hats heading our way, and they came bearing piping hot cocoa. Their first words were, "We saw you broken down, so we went to 7-11 to get cocoa to warm you up." They gave my husband a ride to 7-11 to call my parents, who were about five miles away. Unfortunately, I never got their names, but I've never forgotten their act of kindness, sacrificing their Christmas Eve when they could've been nestled by the fire, or decorating their tree. Who would've blamed them if they had just decided to keep driving? It was Christmas Eve!

The next morning when we went to retrieve our car from the side of the ramp, we discovered the windows were all smashed in. But the kindness of this couple overshadowed the act of violence toward our car. Even though I cannot offer names, I want those kind strangers to know we haven't forgotten them."