Thursday, May 14, 2015

A broken car and some help from Santa!

This Random Act of Kindness was shared with us a while back and is such a great example of people stepping up to help others in need!

"Years ago, when cell phones were only found in comic books, my husband and I were traveling to my parents with our two young children on a cold Christmas Eve. The streets were nearly empty, even on the Nation's Capitol beltway. We were taking the Braddok Road exit when our car suddenly decided to die. We were cold and alone and scared. After sitting a while, trying to figure out a plan, I looked up and my tired eyes saw a couple people with Santa hats heading our way, and they came bearing piping hot cocoa. Their first words were, "We saw you broken down, so we went to 7-11 to get cocoa to warm you up." They gave my husband a ride to 7-11 to call my parents, who were about five miles away. Unfortunately, I never got their names, but I've never forgotten their act of kindness, sacrificing their Christmas Eve when they could've been nestled by the fire, or decorating their tree. Who would've blamed them if they had just decided to keep driving? It was Christmas Eve!

The next morning when we went to retrieve our car from the side of the ramp, we discovered the windows were all smashed in. But the kindness of this couple overshadowed the act of violence toward our car. Even though I cannot offer names, I want those kind strangers to know we haven't forgotten them."

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