Friday, May 15, 2015

Return to Sender

"A few weeks ago on a Friday, I stopped at a nearby UPS Store to mail a package.  I rushed in a couple minutes before the store closed...just in the nick of time.  The address for the package was on my phone, so I set it down to write the address on the label provided by one of the workers.  She began to chat with me as she entered the info into the computer.  Despite me arriving just before closing for the weekend, she and the other clerk was very kind and helpful.  In a few minutes, I was all set to go, thanked the women for their help, and was on my way.  I drove all the home only to notice I had left my phone at the store.  I knew that the store was closed and that my phone would likely be locked in the store for the whole weekend."

"Shortly after contemplating what to do, a car pulled into my driveway.  It was the woman from the UPS store!  She explained that she knew how important some people's phones are to them and she didn't want me to go the whole weekend without mine.  So, she checked the return label and drove my phone to my house once she closed the store.  I was so happy, not because my phone was returned, but that someone was kind enough to think about me enough to go out of her way on the weekend to make me happy.  It made my weekend!"

It just goes to show that going a few minutes out of your way can have a lasting impact on a person.

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