Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Random Act of Kindness #51- Child's dream

During the summer I babysit a little girl in my neighborhood. If you have kept up with this blog, she has previously helped me out with a few random act of kindness. I have babysat her for the past few summers, and each summer it goes exactly how it is expect to. What I mean by that is all we did was play in the sprinklers, swim, watch movies, and go to parks. However, this year I decided to mix it up. I had her create a summer bucket list at the beginning of summer. I told her to pick everything and anything she wants to do, all her "dreams". The list includes 50 things such as; bowing, circus, baseball game, make homemade ice cream, horseback riding, mini golf, and so much more. As we complete them, we cross them off. Summer flies by just as fast as our childhood, so I'm doing everything I can to complete these things on her list in order to make this a summer she won't forget. 

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