Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Simply, I'm Here

I received a story from Robb about a very incredible organization ran by his girlfriend and himself. He says that previously he ran an organization called Postcards from Farr Away. How it worked was friendly strangers would send in a nice letter on a postcard and they would send them off to other strangers to brighten their day. He says, "After three years of operations the organization served over 10,000 people in 40 different countries on 6 different continents." It's easy to assume that this organization was a lot to manage, and after a while Robb was unable to keep up due to other commitments. "Since then, there has been a missing piece in my heart for some time. Most people fondly recall postcards and they ask me when I'll bring it back."  Well, Robb and his girlfriend, Lily, have started up a new organization with the same idea. Simple, I'm here is the name. It has the same focus, except now it's internet based. All you do is type out a nice letter and sign it with #simplyimhere . "We can then quickly scan the internet for messages with these hashtags, hand write the messages onto postcards, and mail them out to strangers" Robb explains. They are starting this out on Twitter first, and depending on it's success, will look at expanding. Be sure to check them out and give them a follow! It's a great organization!

"Lily came up with the name for Simply, I'm Here. She wanted a name that spoke to the mission of what we were doing. The name hopefully will remind people that there are people out there for them. That no matter where they are at, there are people around them that love them. That they are apart of humanity's love story. That people are here for them." 

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