Monday, December 15, 2014

A stuffed Motorcycle for Dad

This weekend, my family was supposed to go to Chicago to see relatives and enjoy the city during the holiday season. Unfortunately, my two year old Ben got pink eye, altering our plans. My wife decided to take my four year old Brady to Chicago while me and Ben stayed home. While in Chicago, they saw the holiday train, ate at Rainforest Cafe, played ping pong at the hotel, and did a lot of other fun things. At one of the stores, Brady got to play the “claw game”. Though normally impossible to win anything, Brady won a stuffed motorcycle! I think Brady knew I was a little bummed I wasn’t able to go with him to Chicago, so he decided to give the motorcycle to me when he got home. It was such a cool thing for him to do because it was completely unprompted by any adults. It was his way of letting me know he was thinking of me while he was having a fun day with his mom. Last night, I slept with the stuffed motorcycle (I know, like I’m the four year old!) just so he knew how thankful I was of his kind act. Thanks Brady, you are a great kid and made me happier than you will know by giving me that stuffed motorcycle!

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