Sunday, December 14, 2014

Awesome Neighbor

Today we received this story through email about a person with an awesome neightbor. What a great example of lending a helping and kind hand to others.
"I have the best next door neighbor. His name is Mark and he is the kind of neighbor that will do anything for you. Often, out of nowhere, Mark will text me and ask if he can bring over some freshly baked (and diet crushing!) goodies...cookies, pie, quiche, you name it. He is also always helping in other ways too. Today, after bringing over the cookies in the picture, he raked all the leftover leaves out of my yard from the fall. We had an early snow fall this year, and it caught most of us off guard and unable to remove the leaves before winter. But on December 13th, there was Mark without even telling me he was going to help. Amazing! I can only hope that I am as good a neighbor to him as he is to me. He is the definition of what a neighbor should be and I am happy that he sets a great example of giving to me and my family. Thanks Mark! You are the best!"

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