Saturday, April 26, 2014

Brady donated the stuffed animals!

Do you guys remember the story about Brady? He's the kid who wanted to buy stuffed animals for sick children with all the change that was in the change jar. Well, he did it! Brady, his brother, and his father traded the coins for cash and went out to buy all sorts of stuffed animals. After purchasing all the stuffed animals they had to decide where to donate them. Since Brady said he wanted children to have them, the Bethany of the Quad Cities was suggested. This organizations mission is to keep children and their families safe and strong during their time of need. His father says in the email, "It was such an amazing experience! The people were awesome and really made Brady feel like he was making a big difference." After donating the stuffed animals Brady made the comment to his father, "I didn't even ask to keep one, Dad!" I'm happy Brady thought of and completed this act of kindness. I, along with so many others, are proud of you Brady! Keep it up!

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