Monday, April 28, 2014

Test taking nerves

Taking tests can be stressful. I got a story today from Damaris who says she gets so nervous before tests that she has little meltdowns before and after them, no matter how prepared she is. Damaris has a younger sister, Cece, who had a big social studies test last week and was freaking out about it. Since Damaris knows first hand how stressful test taking can be she decided to surprise her sister when she got home. "I know she would have a huge smile on her face no matter the outcome of the test if she came home to her favorite cookies." Damaris said. She left the box of cookies with a little note waiting for her sister when she got home. "She was so happy and could not stop thanking me. Afterwards I felt so happy that I helped ease her nerves" She added. Cece even ended up getting an A on her test, making it even better. I can tell Cece enjoyed her surprise based on the picture, she is lucky to have such a good sister like Damaris. 

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