Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Keep it going

Last night I was recognized by my city for this blog. As my mayor was speaking about it he began to tear up and in that moment I realized that what you guys have helped me create has touched and changed the lives of so many. I am blessed to have so much support from not only my community, but from all of you guys around the world. You have followed me every step of the way and have shared the kindness with your own community. You all have made such a big difference and it's just the beginning. This recognition is not only for me, but rather all of us because together we have done great things. Keep spreading the kindness.

Remember if you perform an act of kindness email us your story at , share it on our Facebook page,  tweet about it and add the #kalarkind for it to appear in the right hand column of this blog, or fill out the form under the SHARE YOUR STORY page right on this blog!

1 comment:

  1. This is so cool!!! I love this blog and it inspired me! I found this blog this afternoon, and I am still looking through it! :) I love it! There needs to be more blogs like this! :) I love doing RAOKs too! Visit my blog at Thanks for all you do!! God bless!