Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Random Act of Kindness #4- Lucky Penny

This random act of kindness has a story behind it. When I was 9 years old I had my first ever softball tryout and I was so nervous. On my ride to tryouts I found a penny head side up in our car. My mom always says "find a penny pick it up and all day long you'll have good luck" so that's what I did. I stuck the penny in my cleat right before tryouts. I made the team and for the rest of that season I kept the lucky penny in my cleat at all times. When something bad happens our minds often convince us that every other little thing that goes wrong during the day is worse than it actually is. Sometimes we just need a change in our mind set, a little "luck" to turn our days around and convince us that we can do it. I placed 25 pennies head side up in random places at 5 different locations around town. Hopefully, the finders of these pennies come across "good luck" the rest of the day. 

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