Sunday, March 2, 2014

A helping hand

A little random act can go a long way.  I received an email today from Vicki that proves just that. Vicki's story was about her son Steve who was diagnosed with cancer. Steve had chemo treatments often for the past two years. Vicki says in the email, "There were several people who said, just call and I'll be there. But, there were times when no one was able to take him or pick him up." During times like this, Steve's brother, Mason, would say, "I can't do it, but I'll find someone who can." Vicki said neighbors, mothers, and so many others who did not even know Steve would show up and help out. I bet some of those people didn't realize how much they were helping them. Vickie said it meant a lot, everything they did for their family and Steve. I emailed Vicki back asking if I could share her story on this blog, in her response she gave me permission and then added that Steve had passed away this past December. She told me that the stories she reads on this blog have helped her get through some tough days and it made me realize that I'm beyond blessed to have the support from others and the privilege to do this blog. Vicki has shown me that acts of kindness not only help one person but they help everyone as a whole, and they truly do stay with you forever. Thank you Vicki for this realization and for sharing your story. Prayers to your family.

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