Thursday, March 13, 2014

West Leyden High School RAK club

A high school in Illinois has been doing some pretty inspiring things. This year they have started a random acts of kindness club. It's new for everyone and they say they are still figuring out their true purpose and goals, but you've got to start somewhere and they have taken the first steps already. One of the things this club has done multiple times is standing in the main hallway on random mornings with big signs that say inspiring things, as said in the email, "it is just a fun way to welcome students (and teachers) to that school day." One of the days they did this was on Halloween so not only did they hold up signs but, they gave out candy! They also came up with an awesome idea called the kindness box. Teachers and members of this club were given kindness tokens and when they saw students doing kind things they would give them a token. If you received a token and put your name on it you could drop it in the Kindness Box for a chance to win a gift card! The good ideas don't just end there however, this school has kindness challenges everyday as well. On the announcements they say something along the lines of "Today, try to sit by someone new in the cafeteria." or "Hold the door open for another person." They play music during passing all of which relates or has something to do with being kind and helping out as well. The best part about this story is that even though this is a club with only a handful of student members they have got their whole school involved. I would love to try and get my school and other schools doing the kindness box or the daily challenges. Thank you West Leyden you have made a change in your school and inspired me, keep it up!

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