Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Stuffed animals for sick kids

My teacher, Mr.Pisel, has read and shown this blog to his 4 year old son Brady. Brady was sick last week, so Mr. Pisel stayed home with him until he felt better. However, while Brady was home sick he helped out is father with a random act of kindness. My teacher says he puts all of the change into a coffee can at the end of the day, which they have never done anything with, until that day with Brady. He gave Brady the coffee can and told him to take out all the money he wanted to keep in his piggy-bank and the rest would be donated. Brady grabbed only a little handful and said, "I want to give the rest to kids so they can have a stuffed animal when they are sick like me."  When Mr. Pisel told me about this I was amazed that he was thinking so much of others at such a young age. Brady, way to share the kindness even when you aren't feeling your best, you made me smile!

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