Saturday, March 1, 2014

Random Act of Kindness #37- Philippines project

My high school participated in a huge service project for a couple weeks, it was called the Philippine project. The goal of the project was to provide aid to the victims of the typhoon that hit the Philippine Islands. Students in our school donated money every day, with a goal that together we could raise 10,000 dollars. One of our Spanish teachers, Keith Bonnstetter, prepared paper snowflakes for everyone in our school to cut out. The snowflakes each had 10 angels on them, so when all the snowflakes were cut out it would represents the lives lost and angels gained due to the typhoon. The project ended a few weeks ago, so today Mr.Bonnstetter was stringing together the snowflakes to make a handing memorial for our school. He asked students to come help and me, along with a handful of other students, did! I can't wait to see the memorial hung up in our high school. It was a great project and I am glad I got to help out. 

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