Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy balloons

An 8th grade class from the Gibbsboro school district in New Jersey thought of a creative idea to show their computer teacher how much they appreciate her. They said she "showers us with kindness everyday... She deserves to know we appreciate her kind and thoughtful ways." They cut up pieces of paper and wrote down all the things they found amazing about her. They then took the pieces of paper and placed each and every paper in its own balloon. "The bell for computer class rang and we excitedly ran up the stairs holding a giant assortment of colored balloons for her. We barley fit through the door" they said. They gave her all the balloons and watched her face light up with each and every balloon she popped. They learned a lot, "the power of kindness touches all who are involved." I am impressed with this class, keep it up.

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