Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Forever a hero

This past Friday was Damaris's father's last day in uniform. She says, "In the Army, you must turn your uniform in 30 days before your official retirement. After 24 years of his life sacrificing so much to the Army, you could say it was emotional." She said he didn't want his family to do anything special for him, but Damaris said her family couldn't not do anything for him! When he got home from work that day they treated him to dinner at his favorite restaurant. "It was his last dinner in uniform ever, and it was pretty special." Kindness can be shown in many different ways. It can be a gift, a surprise, spending time, a smile, or just showing someone how much you appreciate them. This surprise dinner, in honor of their father's last day in uniform, was just that. He will forever be a hero, even without the uniform. Thanks for sharing Damaris, your family is incredible.

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