Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Paws Around The World

Paws Around the World by Annette & Alli, is a blog to “promote the adoptions of dogs and meet dogs from different shelters all over the world.” This blog has already received more than 4000 page views and is visited by about 200 people everyday. Annette & Alli have promoted adoption for about 25 dogs and 3 of them have been already been adopted! Just promoting the adoption of these unfortunate dogs is an amazing thing! If you are interested in the blog or even adopting a dog for yourself check out their blog at http://pawsaroundtheworld.blogspot.com/!  Plus, adopting an animal in need is a huge act of kindness! Thanks Annette and Alli, keep up the good work!

Remember if you perform an act of kindness email us your story at sharethekindness22@gmail.com , share it on our Facebook page,  tweet about it and add the #kalarkind for it to appear in the right hand column of this blog, or fill out the form under the SHARE YOUR STORY page right on this blog!

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