Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mysterious M

Today I received an anonymous story that made me smile. This kid is involved in the drama department within their school and on the closing night of their musical they were all surprised! This person says "We all were crying together.. but then something [strange] happened. Audience member usually don't buy the customary gifts for us unless we're friends/family members. But a random stranger who signed himself off as "M" on every note card gave a gift and a card with comment about [our] performance on it... everyone received one."  Which I think is absolutely incredible! The story ends with "These people changed my life.... I truly love you all." Being a junior in high school myself, I have started to realize how much happens so quickly. One day you're having tryouts, auditions, or interviews and the next thing you know you're saying goodbye and wishing you could start it all over again. Not going to lie, high school can suck sometimes; however, having a group of people around you to share it with makes it worth every single second. Whoever you are "M", that gesture is something nobody there will every forget. You made the ending and goodbyes a little sweeter and easier. I'm so glad this story was sent to me.

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