Monday, February 24, 2014

Let's make a change

Today I not only received an email about a random act of kindness performed, but I received an email that showed me the change this is making. Just like Laura's story, this women had stopped at the grocery store to grab some popcorn for her kids movie day at school. It was another really windy night and she saw a grocery cart rolling through the parking lot. She told me in the email that it's embarrassing to admit, but at first she dismissed it. She says it was cold, she was tired, and the cart was going in the complete opposite direction. She then said, "...your random acts of kindness popped into my head. I like to think that I am a caring person, but man, I was just about to turn a blind eye to something that could have resulted in frustration and stress for someone else. I was shocked by this realization and it became apparent how often I rush around only thinking of myself." With this thought in her head, she jumped out of her car and chased down the cart that was headed towards a minivan. "It literally took me five extra seconds." She said, "While this was such a simple act of kindness, without your blog I likely would have continued in my rushed state and not offered a helping hand." I can't explain how much I loved reading this email. The things she said in the email couldn't be more correct, even for myself. Before I started this blog I didn't think so much about every little thing I saw or did, but now I think twice about everything. For example, every time I see a door I hold it open, but I never used to. We all seem to be in a rush now a days, ourselves seem to be all we think we have time for. She ended the email to me by saying, "Thank you for reminding us that we are all better off when we collectively join together to help one another out." But I want to thank every single one of you guys who showed me that together we can make a change.

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