Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Random Act of Kindness #18- Keep calm and give blood!

I am terrified of needles. I still have to squeeze someone's hand when I get a shot at the doctors. However, knowing I saved 3-4 life's today was the most rewarding feeling I've ever experienced. Our school hosts a blood drive 4 times each year and I have never participated until now. The experience is something I'll never forget. First I had to answer questions and have my vitals checked. I had to have my finger pricked, which stung for a while! My pulse was too fast the first time because I was so nervous so I had to drink some water and calm down before we tried again. After getting past that stage, I picked a seat and then the nurse had to find a good vein on my arm. I looked away as she put the needle in my arm and I barley felt it. Honestly, getting my finger pricked hurt worse than that did. I had to keep squeezing a stress ball every couple seconds to get my blood flowing. I was sitting there with the needle in my arm for about 7 minutes, but I didn't get to leave right after. When the nurse took the blood pressure cuff off and the needle out I started to feel sick to my stomach. My friend that was there with me froze and said, "Chels, are you okay? You just got really pale!" I felt extremely weak, dizzy, and I started to sweat out of nowhere! Three nurses quickly flattened my table and threw a couple ice bags on me. I had to cough and put my arm and legs up to get blood circulating. I also had to drink 2 cups of apple juice and eat a cookie. The nurse said what I had just experienced was the feeling you get before passing out. It was a scary feeling to have, but I would do all over again. Saving someone's life is the greatest thing you can do and by donating blood, I did just that.

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