Saturday, February 22, 2014

Random Act of Kindness #34- Out of gas

Today my parents asked me to go pick my brother up from his friend's house and since my mom's car was last in the driveway they told me to take it. Before I left the house my mom said she was low on gas and then told me to take her debit card to put 20 dollars in it. I took her card, but that was just to make her think I was going to use it. I picked my brother up and then we stopped at the gas station and I used my card to put half a tank of gas into my mom's car. My parents would pay for my gas every time I needed it when I first got a car, since I didn't have a job. I now have two jobs and they still pay for my gas every once in a while. I could never repay my parents for all the things they do for me, but I can remind them how grateful I am for everything. My mom still doesn't know I did this, but she will eventually because she reads my blog. Thank you mom and dad for everything!

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  1. Thanks for being proud that you are making a difference in so manys lives.