Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mixing it up

I have two sent in stories that aren't exactly like the other ones I post, which is great! The first one is from someone who helped out a family member financially by sending money anonymously. She did not want the return address to be recognized, so she sent the money to a coworker in a different state who then sent it to the family member. She says that to this day the family member does not know who sent that money and that is exactly how she wants to keep it. What makes this story so different is that this act wasn't performed yesterday or even last week, it was performed 20 years ago. This act of kindness didn't just make someone's day it truly helped someone who needed a hand and that is incredible. She says, "daily I watch and try to do something anonymously and I get the blessing too!" keep it up, you're doing great things!

The second unique story I received was from a lady who was very appreciative of the random act she witnessed. Renne was walking out to her car from work the other day and she saw two coworkers going around and cleaning off all the cars. "They were like the dynamic duo, reaching to the top of the car with really long snow brushes and pushing off all the heavy snow" she said, "I barely had to do anything at all!" I bet these two awesome coworkers made more than just Renne smile.

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