Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Positive notes at BHS

Today I walked into class and my teacher asked, "Chelsea did you post those positive notes on all the lockers?" I looked at her very confused because I had no clue, so I walked out of the classroom to go see what she was talking about. I was amazed to see the whole entire locker bay covered in positive notes and what's even more incredible is I had absolutely nothing to do with it. Some students in my school had performed a random act of kindness on their own. Later that day one of the students had contacted me about it and told me why they did what they did. They said "we read online that teens are developing low self esteem problems and a lack of feeling of importance." They came up with these positive notes as a simple reminder to everyone that they are important. They said they saw some people take the notes and put it in their lockers and they heard one guy said he was going to do something similar for all the teachers. What's even better is what they said about the goal of this random act, "even if we only helped one person it would be worth it" and that is exactly it. I hope these students continue to make other people's day.

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