Thursday, February 13, 2014

The amazing 5B

I never imagined that people overseas would see this blog, but I was wrong. A student and her 5th grade class, from Saudi Arabia, are not only checking out my blog, but her class has been performing random acts throughout their school. Some activities include smile cards and paper hearts. In another email this student explained how the paper hearts worked, "We all were given paper hearts to write something nice about our teachers, in the cafeteria. It was a surprise. No one but our principle knew. Our teachers were delighted to receive them." It's amazing how acts of kindness spread around the world. What this class is doing is outstanding. If you would like to read her class's blog go to and check it out. Keep it up 5B, very inspiring!

Remember if you perform an act of kindness send in your story and I will post it on this blog:

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